Sunday, April 29, 2012


First of all I want to THANK the "blogger" people. AGH!!!! I am jumping for joy! Seriously! :)
They must have heard my complaints :) because I got on here last week and Bam! Blogger had a makeover and they made life for us "so-called" bloggers EASY!!!! AMEN! Thank you Lord! Why the heck did it take them so long?! ...Which means, you may get tired of seeing me again :) Hooray!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Sweet Girls...

Sweet Sisters
  The past few months have been a whirlwind. It makes me very thankful I am picture taking fanatic to capture all the great memories of these precious girls. I haven't had a second to write down anything in baby books lately, so until I find a day to catch up on that, I am going to rely on pictures of these adorable faces to do the story telling....

Yes, it is April here in Knoxville... But it has been SO cold the past couple of weeks we had to pull out the winter coats. What in the world is going on with the weather these days?! 
 Thankfully it doesn't stay cold ALL day long and we get to enjoy the park! I am obsessed with Keenan's face when she is on the swings! She gets so excited she shuts her eyes and opens her mouth, like she is trying to eat the air!!! haha! 
It is adorable! 

 Now that she is 10  months old - Her hair has literally grown overnight! Heheh! 
We do not know what to do with all of it! 
A mohawk is always a good option don't you think?! :)
 And the ULTIMATE excitement this month...Our little Mouskawitz is WALKING!!! Officially walking! 
Again, I am excited and so sad! But she is so darn cute when she walks I can't help but squeal with excitement when she does it! She is so proud of herself! 
I had to show this particular picture because of her cute booty...they are JOE jeans!!! look at the little symbol on her booty! haha! 
My sister got her Joe skinny jeans and she wears them well, if i do say so myself! 
Being good sports and modeling their Little Hoot gear for mommy!

  I got a new camera lens for my nikon and this was my first attempt at being a photographer. 
She made it easy on me with that picture perfect pose and laugh! 
Who is this child anyway?! 
Oh, i's Olivia! That's right. She dressed herself after the book Olivia the Pig! haha! 
Mary Carlisle has always been a VERY happy child! She is always running around, laughing and loving life! Just like a child should be. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the comments she says are hilarious and wonder where she gets half the comments she says. She definitely reminds us to enjoy the simple things in life and laugh at ourselves! And boy, does she makes us laugh!!! Something I find I need reminded of in the hustle and bustle of life lately. 

About a week ago, she started talking about "Scotty"...Chad and I looked at each other in confusion as she "talked on the phone" to Scotty, told us of things he did, things he likes/dislikes...
Then I go to pick her up from SHEEP and her teachers tell me she had talked about Scotty a lot today! 
I said "really? I was going to ask you all if you had been reading a book or there is someone visiting the class named Scotty?" They both looked confused as well, and said "no." 
-To preface the rest, her class had been growing a butterfly the past month and none of the kids would offer a name for the butterfly the past two days...odd i think!? -
So...they proceed to tell me, they went out to release the butterfly and asked "does anyone want to name the butterfly?"  
Mary Carlisle shouts out "Scotty!!!" 
As they released the butterfly into the sky all the kids yelled "Bye Scotty...Scott... Scotty!!!" 
...Hilarious!!! Who?... What?.. Where did this name come from?! And now Mary Carlisle has gotten the rest of her class to jump on the Scotty bandwagon!!! haha! 
 I have discovered when Mary Carlisle is excited about something she opens her mouth to smile! 
... Ta-Dah!!!
 and the BEST FOR LAST!!!! 
Her dance recital costume!!! it came yesterday and do you think she is excited or what?!?! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"i love jellybeans all day long!!!!"

Ending things she loves with the statement "ALL DAY LONG!" has become Mary Carlisle's new favorite saying. As well as "What's the BIG idea?!" and "Oh Brother!" haha...where she gets these things I do not know, but they make for a laugh a day...more like a laugh an hour!
At the end of our Easter celebration, while she was high on sugar she looked at us with a mouthful of jellybeans and said "I love jellybeans ALL DAY LONG Mawm!" hehehe!!!
Of course you do! :)

What a GLORIOUS weekend!

Easter is such a beautiful holiday... I love it!
We get to rejoice the rise of Christ and make good memories with sweet friends!
Each Easter gets more exciting every year...more babies which means more fun!
This year takes the cake!!!
There is a good chance we are going to appear on ELLEN from what we did to make a good memory this year hehe!!!
The picture below is great...precious little faces ready to attack the egg hunt, I show this picture to assure you a good time was had by all at one point in our day :)....

Scroll down just one more picture and you will see what I mean....
We did it. I know we are awful! We sacrificed our children's happiness to make a great memory for ourselves! I wish i could say I feel badly for it, but i can't. I can say is it was one of the funniest things I have ever been a part of! My stomach still aches from laughing so hard!!! The photographer even said in all the years of doing this, he has never seen anything so funny! Hayes physically removed himself from the picture only to flop his body on the ground like a fish and play dead! haha! I have to share the only reason MC appears to be the only one happy is because she is now old enough to negotiate these sort of situations. She agreed to stand to the side of mr. bunny, no touching, as long as she could hold her "safe" bunny. While the rest of these poor children didn't have a choice in the was a drop and go placement! We did submit to the Ellen Show and it is actually on her facebook page too!
It is a treasure no doubt! :)
Our failed attempt at a good family picture...
MC wanted the stuffed bunny she won for finding the golden egg!
Love this sweet smile and TEETH! She has 6!!!
Mary Carlisle had so much fun at the Easter Egg Hunt this year and even found the
GOLDEN EGG!!! Hooray!!!
MC and her many boyfriends... lucky us...haha!
Chad is already putting extra locks on the doors :)

I had to post this picture to show the cross at our church! isn't it amazing?!
It is my favorite!!!
Members from the church bring these flowers and they decorate the cross with's absolutely gorgeous!!! My hungry and sleepy little bunnies at the bottom tired of pictures :)
Keenan practicing her walking and waving HI again!!! haha!
Keenan and her daddy...
Hmm...yellow or pink? which do i try to eat first?! :)
My sweet girls!!!
Keenan is SO excited to be holding eggs!!! haha!
I am in love with their Easter dresses this year!!! My little beauties!
I love them SO much!!!
What an absolutely GLORIOUS weekend celebrating JESUS!

And this is the promise which HE Himself made to us; eternal life... 1 John 2:25

Monday, April 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home...

It has been brought to my attention by more than one person that I am the world's worst blogger! HA! I think I allow 6 months between posts sometimes... :) I just get so frustrated with this darn thing, what is the secret to making it look right and look good and get rid of all those spaces?!?! Agh!!! I will accept any tips from you regular bloggers out there ;) I have now made it my mission to figure out how do this! haha! Yikes...I am challenging technology...I am pretty sure it's going to win...oh well! :)

Anyway, onto more exciting child's precious rolls!!! AGH!!!
if you know my father in law, Charlie, he would be SO upset with me for posting this picture. Haha!
He did a big sermon/study against nudity and the web last year... I know what you are thinking..."this doesn't count!" To him, it ALL counts! haha! I just couldn't resist though...I had to share this precious bottom- I just can't get enough and I was sure you couldn't either! :) besides, it is the only time in our life that you can do something like this and it is actually CUTE!!! :)
This was my first weekend home in FOREVER!!! Amen! It was so nice!
It was not what I would call relaxing, but it sure was fun!
We celebrated Mary Carlisle's BFF, Owen, and his 3rd Birthday by going to his party on Friday night and then to the UT vs Bama (perfect for me!) baseball game! Right after that we headed to our church easter egg hunt, which sadly most of it got rained out. But we still managed to get MC's face painted, decorate cookies and have daddy make a balloon animal. Oh yes, I said daddy! Chad has a hidden talent for making balloon is hilarious! And he is surprisingly really good! Anyone looking for birthday entertainment give me a call! haha!
My Sweet little bunny rabbit
Some of my besties! Julie & Will and Anne & Hayes...
Both are expecting their 2nd boys!
My girls are definitely going to have their pick of the litter with all these cute boys running around Knoxville! :)
The girls woke up from their nap and we went outside and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather! Major Martin is always in the background of pictures, so I had to share one of him!
What a great dog!!!
Yes, both girls are in their pj's...who doesn't love to be comfy!

Now that Keenan knows how to wave, she loves nothing more than waving to everybody and everything...HI!!!
HI AGAIN!!! ....haha!!!
She also took her first "i can write in her baby book" type of steps!!!
She took 5 STEPS!!! AGH!!!
I am halfway super excited and halfway sad...I do not want her walking! I want her crawling for another 3 months! hehe!
Mary Carlisle started walking at 10 months and I thought no way Keenan will with her great rolls....boy, is she proving me wrong! That girl is strong! She is determined too...I cannot keep her contained! I just feel like once she starts walking she moves into toddler phase...
I am NOT ready for my baby to grow up yet :( ...
but it sure is cute watching her attempts!
i love those little toes ...ugh! so sweet!
I have to admit after seeing this picture...she is Chad!
I think she looks just like Charlie, Chad's dad, but Chad looks a lot like his dad too...Keenan is a Martin and Mary Carlisle is a Keenan haha!
We definitely did their names backwards :)
There is nothing better than lazy days in the yard!
This picture cracks me up because I find myself walking around like this too much!
MC wants me because Keenan has me and Keenan has to have to me because she can't get most places without me! haha!!!
The way I look at it is, I'm going to blink and Mary Carlisle isn't going to want me at all...I'll take all the holding I can get out of the both of them! :)