Friday, June 15, 2012

Keenan's Month of "Firsts"

Our Little Keenan has had a very big month of firsts,
 ironically falling the same month as her
(she had 4 parties haha!, so that is another post!)
It is so hard to believe she is 1 now! I just can't handle it!!! I want her to stay a bitty baby forever!
Well, let's be honest, maybe not forever :)
but I just feel like life went fast with Mary Carlisle, but time whisked by us with Keenan. It makes me think of when I was a kid and I felt like time stood still. I want that back again...can I put in a birthday wish of my own for time standing still just for one day please?!? :)

Now that she is ONE and getting more confident with her walking, she has opened a door of all kinds of more fun and entertainment! She loves playing with Mary Carlisle and she absolutely LOVES being chased and tackled! pretty hilarious but she eggs us all on to chase her and tickle her or in Mary Carlisle's case, she loves it when she flat out tackles her to the floor!!!! haha! Not at all what I expected in a housefull of girls, but of course they are in their princess dresses nonetheless! :)

Hooray! Her FIRST Birthday with Her Birthday Bear!!!
Her FIRST Taste of CAKE!!!
I think it's safe to say, especially after her fourth party
...She LOVED IT!

This girl takes after her mama and she is not afraid to eat! :)

Her FIRST War Wound!
Ugh! It kills me to even show this but I figure I must document her first real injury, which of course happened only a couple hours before her party in germantown, just my luck! 
(this picture actually looks better than it looked in person)
She bounces back fast! Nothing going to keep this girl down! :)

Her FIRST Time in the Pool!
She was hardly 8 weeks when we went to the beach/pool last year and we kept her in the shade the whole time, so this was a fun new experience for her! 

 Look at that mouth!!! She LOVES the water!
 Her FIRST Cousin Photo Shoot!
 And even better...Her FIRST Lollipop!!!
 Her FIRST of Many Curls!!!
I can't handle how cute I think curls are! I LOVE them!!!
We can thank the Martin gene for these!!
 Her FIRST Princess Day with Mary Carlisle
 Mary Carlisle Dolled Her All Up in Princess Garb...Are We Surprised?! Haha...Definitely Not!
I am not sure if MC thinks she is her life size doll or just wants her to be a princess like her?! haha!
 Her FIRST Wedding as a Flower Girl!
 She was so precious in Paige and Matt's wedding and loved getting to go down the long aisle leading up the flower petals
...which she tried to eat! haha!

We Love You Keenan!
Happy Month of FIRSTS and Happy Birthday!!!