Monday, January 28, 2013

17 . 35 . 70

The temperature...
over the past month has been more than interesting, it has been CRAZY!!!
It has had me, the mother/activity planner/social director, on my toes each and every day.
 It has also made me reach further back into my creative juices to find activities to keep you girls from tackling each other to the floor each and every day. Not that you mind that activity, you both love it!
I do not feel the same way as I see Keenan flipping off the side of the couch laughing hysterically...all I envision is hours in the ER...agh!!! haha! So I have worked hard this month to stay busy and have all hours entertained whether we stay inside due to the 17 degree weather or play outside every second due to the next day when it is a steamy 70 degrees! Do we live in LA?!

On those 17 degree days...
I found this activity below on some incredibly over the top amazing mom's blog and the best part it was something for both Mary Carlisle and Keenan to play together! That is probably the most challenging part about their ages right now (3 and 19 mos) is finding appropriate and fun activities for them both where Keenan isn't knocking it, eating it, splashing it or chewing it! Hehe!

This is how it works...(the best part it is super simple!) You take a zip lock baggy (the bigger the better) fill it only a quarter of the way with a gel, shampoo, conditioner - anything along those lines will work. I used cheap white conditioner and a green gel, note to self, they prefer color! :) After you fill it, zip it up then use painters tape and tape onto the table and get ready for way more than minutes of fun! This enthusiasm lasted for days! They drew pictures with their fingers, practiced the alphabet, spelled their name, it truly was full of entertainment for both of them!   

Perfecting our shadow puppets...I love this pic of MC's little bunny!

More cold days...Going to Open Gym at Tatarus Gymnastics Center
Keenan loves being a big kid!

Dressing up in anything Keenan can get her hands into and dancing...
You are hilarious and you sure love to dance!!!

We have a potty trainer on our hands! Agh!!!
Not by my choice I am not entirely ready for this but Keenan loves the potty and loves trying, so my opinion really doesn't matter- ha! :) 
You have pee peed and poo pooed in the potty! What?! Yes!!! It is definitely the influence of an older sister. Anytime MC goes you say pee pee and run after her to the potty to try on the baby potty. It is pretty adorable.
I love this picture below and how you try to see what is going on...only in a toddler is this adorable! hehe!


Our Little Gym Class Has Come To An End! Wahoo!
Keenan got to walk up the Olympian steps and claim her award with her buddy, James Columbus

Hanging on her own...little monkey!

On Colder days...MC got to go to the dollar store and buy all the beauty products she could possibly need to make herself look absolutely beautiful! What do you think...success? :) hehe!
We have made well more than our share of cookies this month!  

It's no secret us Martin girls have a sweet tooth and there is no such thing as too much icing! :)

But with all those cookies we must go to the gym! ha! (mama does anyway:)
 We met up with our buddies, Wiley and Quinn, for some serious fun at Gym Bugs

And then it got warm...
so we played at two different parks in one day and mastered hanging upside down!

And Keenan grew taller since the last park visit that she can ride on the horsey all by herself!
I love when the girls pray...Mary Carlisle usually says our prayers at dinner and before bed and they are VERY LONG and VERY VERY thoughtful! :)
I love how Keenan always peeks out when she is praying
 We went to our friend Bennett's birthday party and he was extra happy when his january Pirates and Princess birthday party reached 70 degrees and got to party outside! Woohoo!!!
My pirate princesses are wearing SLEEVELESS in JANUARY!!! So crazy!

Then 2 days later it was cold again and we tackled each other some more!
Cold weather also brought Chef MC to the house...She made me "Chocolate rainbow eggs, bananas with unicorns and everything else i love on it!" Yummmm!!! Breakfast of champions!

More indoor fun...You two have an obsession with brushing your teeth! I guess if you're going to have an obsession this is a good one to have! :) ...
We had just come home (hence your jackets) and I found you two had scrambled into your bathroom with Mary Carlisle brushing Keenan's teeth very seriously!
you sisters are so cute and funny together! 
Then it SNOWED....I mean really snowed!!! It was the best day EVER!!! I love snow and so does MC! Keenan is still a little unsure of the white cold hehe!
I told you to get your clothes on and this is what you came up with and the dance move you gave me...let's review: long sleeve shirt, leotard, tights, shorts and rain boots...yep!
that should keep you warm

This was our cove after the snowfall... it is beautiful!
My sweet little snow bunny scoping out the scene!

First Sled Ride For Both of You!

It is safe to say MC is LOVING this!!! :)

Whoops! Guess we need to invest in some snow pants! Ha!

Mary Carlisle made an "Ariel" Snowman with the boys down the street.
They did a really good job I think.
MC even had the creative idea to add her flippers on the back...sweetness!!!
Hugging her "little ariel buddy" I love how she has her arm around her back...:)
What A Fun Month! Has it really just been 28 days in 2013...fwew!
We have kept busy and had SNOW much fun ;)

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