Thursday, August 5, 2010

UT Stadium Tour...Go Vols!

My Aunt Angela, Cousin Payton & her friend Kristen came to visit us this past week! The girls are thinking about coming to UT in a couple of year for college, so Chad called a friend (that i didn't even know he had! hehe!) and we got a tour of the Stadium! It was incredible!!!...I wonder what other friends he has that i don't know about... :)
V-O-L-S...GO VOLS GO!!! V-O-L-S...GO VOLS GO!!! V-O-L-S...GO VOLS GO!!! V-O-L-S...GO!!!
Put me in Coach! I'm ready to play!!! GO VOLS!!!!
UT Bound? Call Chad and we will help convince you to go UT...hehe! I am ready to go back after the day we had! A visit to the practice field, different levels of the stadium, locker room, media room, into the letterman's room and on the actual field! This was the best day!!! Who's ready for football season now?! I AM!!! and so is Mary Carlisle :)

Mary Carlisle says..."Let's Do This People! I have my shades on...I've touched Smokey! Let's get on with this tour!"

Look at this little girl sasha'-ing around the field...
future vol dancer? future vol cheerleader? We Hope So!!!
WOW! Mary Carlisle thinks this is pretty amazing!!! I think so too!!!
Check out my kicks! Orange patent leather!

Our Crew...Mary Carlisle, Chad, Colleen, Payton, Aunt Angela and Kristen...future Vols, I hope!

First Week of School

Wahoo!!! My First Day of School!
I can't WAIT to meet my new friends and show them my fancy backpack!!!
Am I stylish or what?! ...Watch out new friends...I'm ready to play!
Fwew! Watch out new friends...I'm resting up for tomorrow! :)
Getting clean from my first day! Bubbles are the best! :)

Excited...Sad...Anxious...Exhausted...Joyous...& Lonely are all the emotions that have run through me this week as my little Mary Carlisle started "school". Ugh! Knowing this day is coming and actually going through it are completely different! I hate it and she loves it, so I guess one of us just has to get over it and move on...ME! :) She is a little social butterfly and loves playing with her new lil friends, so at least she is spending her day smiling and playing & eating and sleeping! Well sleeping has been an issue considering she doesn't want to stop playing to stop and sleep! :) hehe! The first day she spent her nap taking out and putting in the kids paci's and the second day she passed out and woke up an hour later talking for the second half of her nap! haha! She just wants everyone to know her thoughts and be a helper! Who can blame her?! :) She is a sweetie and i think they are SUPER LUCKY to have her...Because that is how I feel when I have her!

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