Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We Heart America

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

What a great weekend of




CARPE DIEM (that is the name of our boat)
is #1...

She is such a little mimic and a little lover...
i love it!

Kisses from my daddy makes me laugh....He is so funny!!!
Awww!!! She loves her daddy!
Major is Mary Carlisle's lifeguard! ...so far so good! :)
Our little swimmer!
Sweet Daddy helping fill up with fresh water...He is a keeper! he's not even worried about his work clothes getting wet....C'mon daddy...get in with me!!! There is PLENTY of room! :) hehe!

BBQ Birthday Bash

Julia & I are so lucky to celebrate another birthday party together! Her birthday is july 1 and mine is july 2! We are also so lucky to have the most loving husbands who enjoy planning us parties...together! hehe! Chad having the most out there ideas and Bailey bringing him back to earth... they make for a great team! If you don't remember our last party Chad hired a magician and clown to entertain our guests...this time we said "NO entertainment!!!" hehe! A little worrisome he would get his beloved Sunshine Monkey Shine to perform, again we are very thankful Bailey is a part of the planning as well! :) hehee!!!We had an AWESOME party, great weather, fabulous food and lots of loving friends!!!
Happy BIrthday to US!!!

Thanks Chad for a wonderful day and birthday Party! You're the Best! :) I must brag on my husband a bit...My day started out lounging around with my sweet hubby, lil girl and Major...then off we went to brunch at the Gourmet Market as we are heading home (or so I thought) Chad continued driving and driving until we arrived at Spa Visage were he and Mary Carlisle literally dumped me off and said "we'll be back to pick you up!" I was left to get a Spa Pedicure and an hour Massage....How heavenly!!! When I did get picked up and brought home there was a birthday sign hanging up and behind it was a brand new light fixture for our dining room!!! I could not have been more excited! Now, you know you're getting old when you get excited about lighting...haha! Truly I have been dying for a new one since we moved in 4 years ago...that brass embarrassment HAD to go! :) Then my new toes and relaxed body went to get ready for my Partaa'....Hoo! Hoo!!!

The Stickers everyone wore at the party...hehe! Aren't they the cutest! Although I would rather have a 27 on my crown :) hehe!

Surrounded by wonderful family and friends...even a few surprise visits from Nashville! My dad, step mom and step sister surprised me at my birthday party and Dori!!! So Thoughtful!!! I realize I do love surprises! Dori not only surprised me with a birthday visit but had a helping hand in all the planning! She used her fabulous event planning to put table tents on all the tables, a decorated board and everyone wore stickers with Julia and my smiling faces! hehe! What a cute touch! OH and provided the yummiest of yummiest cakes of all for us! I have to tell you we are one step away from celebrity status :) The baker for our cake also created Vince Gill and Amy Grants daughter with her wedding cake! AGH!!! It was scrumptious!!! Thanks DORI!


Don't you just love it when someone squeezes your cheeks real tight like this....hehe!!!
FOR ME?!?! I get to drink out of this cup? It's as big as me!!! I'm SOooo excited!!!
Cheese!!! I love to pose....
Woohoo to boat rides!!!
As though she was a wild woman on a shopping spree she entered the Baby Doll aisle at Target screaming...BBbbaaaaabbeeee!!! Thankfully we gained control leaving with one new "baby baby" doll and some new wheels...She's a shopper like her mommy! :)

What Would You Do For A Klodike Bar?

Mary Carlisle has become quite the little road tripper! Whether she is angelically dreaming with her "bebe" or letting Major head to dreamland while she goes to town rubbing on his ear! ( What a trooper he is! ) She has become quite the car rider...and thank goodness since memphis is a long ride!

Mary Carlisle LOVES being at her Great Grandmother's house...she got to enjoy her first Klondike bar! Heheh! And in my opinion she would make for a great commercial selling this product...She will become your best friend to get more of this tasty treat and a little diva if you take it away! hehe!!! :)

The Lil Nugget got to stay with her B & Papa while Chad and I stayed downtown for his work events. We enjoyed hanging out on Beale Street listening to music, watching the flippers and even going to see the Peabody ducks! It was fun feeling like a tourist! :) You would never know I grew up here...seriously! I went to the Rendezvous for the first time! haha!

Four Generations...Isn't Big L a hottie?! She turned 86 years old during our visit to Germantown! WOW! I hope I am as active as she is when I am that age...Mary Carlisle kept her Great Grandmother in stitches the whole time...It was wonderful hearing Big L laugh so much!

TRIPLETS!!! What a treat! During our visit we got to eat lunch with one of my favorite little families... You may know them as The Harrisons but I refer to them as The Itchy's...Jonathan, Alicia, Evie & Ramsey and their lost triplet Mary Carlisle...hehe! boy we're we a sight entering lunch that day! If anyone can do it all it is Alicia! In my opinion she is "Mom of the Year" and has rock hard arms to prove it! :) I am so impressed with her multi-tasking skills...I could take a lesson or two from her! Their girls are precious precious PRECIOUS! I just wish we lived closer so Mary Carlisle could play with her twins more often!

What good little eaters they all are...You should have seen the floor afterwards...haha!!! Major would have been in heaven!

it's a bird...it's a plane...NO, it's chad!!!


Since I decided to jump on the blog-wagon today i thought i would add some pictures from our very busy summer to update what we really have been doing since Mary Carlisle's been born...slowing down is not one of them :)

Chad celebrated his BIG 30th birthday on June 9th...so i figured reaching such a milestone in his life this birthday needed to be a memorable one! One of his lifelong dreams is to learn how to fly a plane.... Soooo being the great wife that I am :) off to Greenwood, Mississippi we went where my h.s. bestie Meagan and her husband Wade live to help make Chad's birthday wish come true! (and spend some time with her of course!)

This is a pic of the 4 of us before he got into the Cessna 182 to take his flying lesson with the pilot, Bill.

Chad is giving a thumbs up...He is SO excited and ready for this...Me on the other hand, I am very happy to have two feet on the ground :) But I sure love Chad's adrenaline rushing ways...
There they Go....
This is when my palms started sweating...and then the pilot decided to do something with Chad in the plane called a "fly by"...where they literally got as close to the ground as possible without touching and went as fast as possible....OH MY GOODNESS!!! Talk about a "pee in your pants" moment...Even Chad and Wade got nervous...AGH!!!

Thankfully he had a great time and a SAFE landing...we finished our trip by enjoying a wonderful dinner at the Alluvian Hotel. Another one of my wonderful h.s. friends April and her husband Xan joined us as well....It was a wonderful night and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for CHAD!

15 Months Later...

I have been saying since Mary Carlisle was born that I am going to start blogging...well, she is 15 months old now and with this being my 2nd attempt at becoming a blogger, I am back in it! Woohoo! I'm Back! It will be a while I am sure before I figure out how to make my page cute like the rest of you, this is not as simple as it looks...