Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Good-bye to August and Hello to just realizing September is almost over! Haha!
August was obviously very busy considering I think we are still in it!!! Hehe!!!
Both girls are growing and changing so much and so quickly...
Mary Carlisle started her mothers day out class this month twice a week and Keenan is going once a week. Both girls are never ending sponges.

First Day of School for Our Girls!

MC discovered old napkin rings make the most stylish bracelets! ha!
She looks so grown up to me in this picture :(
 Keenan doesn't understand why she has to go to "school" today :)

Mary Carlisle is now 3 1/2! WOW!!! Time is flying! Her vocabulary and letter identification/sounds constantly amazes me! She is drawing circles and smiley faces like she attends a college art class. This age is so hilarious and sweet (and sassy!) but oh so fun! I feel like I have a buddy who understands everything now and gives complete feedback. She reminds me to slow down and take a breath and that everything will be ok...even if we are going to be really late...again! Hehe!
I was really sad the other day because I lost a very special piece of jewelry and I was kind of teary eyed. I didn't think she was paying attention at all to my frantic search through drawers and she grabbed my leg and said "it's going to be ok mommy. We'll find your necklace. And if we don't aunt Paigey will get you a new one." Obviously my 'kind of' tears turned into a waterfall and after thinking to myself "im sorry, did that just come out of your mouth child? how old are you!?"
I realized she's right! it is going to be ok... (and thanks aunt paigey for your unknown purchase! ha!)
What is it about a naive and innocent 3 year olds that have the ability to put life into perspective for us adults?! ...I love it and I absolutely LOVE her tender sweet heart!!!
My little Keeny Mouskawitz beats to her own drum and laughs through every little boom! An injury...it's funny! Picking on MC...it's hilarious! Stealing toys...she laughs so hard she falls down! She babbles our ears off all day long and once she starts talking it is over for the rest of us...she has A LOT Of important things to say! ha! Thank the Good Lord she is Cute as a button and has her precious piggies to go with her wild yet loving personality! :)
 Keenan is the reason baby gates and electric outlet plugs were invented. Today, for example I find her in the bathroom, her favorite place because she absolutely loves water! So, I walk in and find her dipping the cup (I use during baths to rinse out their hair) into the Toilet Bowl! She then proceeded to pour it on her face!!! Yes, I said FACE! Agh!! Haha! (sidenote: it was clean water) :)

I removed her from the scene and while I was wiping up the water, she quietly and quickly as a mouse found the nightlight in the hallway and removed it from the wall and separated it into several pieces...at this point the silence from the hall grew eerie and panic came over me, so i walked/ran out of the bathroom just in time to find her milliseconds from sticking her fingers into the wall socket! The socket people!!! I promise every nick, cranny and hole has been plugged up since MC was born but that doesn't stop my Keenan. She is an engineer thanks to her papa martin and daddy, and will figure out a way to get it out, so she can get in!
It is all very unreal, impressive and obviously scary at the same time! Needless to say, days I skip the gym I assure you keenan still helps me get my sweat on! haha!

This month, Keenan and I also started going to Little Gym together to have some "mommy and me" time. It is a RIOT! Other than the group bubble and ball time, she wants to be on the balance beam the entire time! And because she is bow legged and pigeon toed :) this works out very well for her! She honestly hasn't missed a step! haha!

We also hosted five Little Hoot Shows this season!
We have the BEST hosts and SO many wonderful supporters! It has been fun to look back to a few years ago when it started out so tiny in knoxville and germantown and now we have expanded and our shows keep getting bigger! We have no intentions of being an 'alice kathleen' or 'matilda jane' size business, we like the manageable size we can do on our own;  it is always so much fun helping people design and seeing sweet friends!

During our Knoxville show, Munchie celebrated her birthday! It was so nice having her here during her birthday to let the girls shower her with love and Munchie LOVES chocolate so what else but let the girls make her a chocolate cake! They did a perfect job! :) 

MC's new thing is closing her eyes when she smiles. I believe she thinks me and my camera will disappear if she closes her eyes - haha!
 Happy Birthday Munchie!!!

And last but definitely not least...Chad and I celebrated 7 fabulous years of marriage this month! He and I went to a resort in Scottsdale, AZ. The girls didn't miss us for a second while they stayed with their cousins in Atl with Chad's sister and of course Papa had to come help! I absolutley love how Chad's dad never wants to miss out on grandkid time! He is ALL about it all the time! It is so sweet, just like him! 

Chad and I had an absolute BLAST just being us again! 

We ate at some great restaurants, I finally saw a real life cactus (exciting!) and we went to a Diamondback baseball game. Since it is 115 degrees there their stadium is in a dome, which was really cool! The other cool thing, and a little strange :) is they have a swimming pool in their stadium! You can rent it out for parties and other events... Like I said a little strange! haha! 

 Having lazy time also allows you to discover new apps on our iphone and the "finger app" became Chad's hilarious hobby while we were away...If you know my dad this will make you crack up! It is SO him!!! andif you don't I attached a picture for review...hehehe!!!

Chad and I had big plans to be productive and play golf, tennis, exercise etc...
but instead we were totally lazy! We laid by the pool from sunrise to sunset, read books and drank these beautiful pina coladas! (isn't it pretty?!)

Our Anniversary Trip was absolutely PERFECT!!!

As any parent knows, it is nice to be you from time to time and go out on a date without the smell of cheerios on your clothes! haha!
But we sure LOVED coming home to these sweet faces!

I Love Being Back With These Sweet Tootsies!