Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Are the trumpets playing?!?!
I am actually posting pictures on time that are not
3 months behind!... Agh!!! Hooray!!!

It's almost Halloween which means we headed to the pumpkin patch!
12 mamas, 15 kiddies and 1 great big 'ol peaceful pumpkin patch!
 Until These Hot Mamas Arrived...
With Their WILD Pumpkin Pickers! hehe!

 Happy Kiddies means Happy Mommies!
note to self, next time I venture to the pumpkin patch I need my husband or an assistant! Carrying two pumpkins, one keenan mouskawitz and keeping up with a mary carlisle who is trying to keep up with the big kids was not an easy task...especially since Mary Carlisle decided Keenan needed the pumpkin that didn't have a stem! haha! and let me tell you, keenan's pumpkin makes for a great seat not a great pumpkin!
 Older influence has officially began...
When MC's main man Quinn is around she is too cool to sit with me!

Our Lil Pumpkins
(well the ones who weren't having a meltdown yet!) haha!!!

 Posing with our buddy Will by the Jumbo Pumpkin!
mary carlisle is telling keenan to say "cheese!"

Where else can you jump on a bubble trampoline and have the mountains in the background!
...I just love this happy picture!
 CORN!!! ...They LOVED THIS!!!
 Well, most of them anyway :(  poor keeny! hehe!

I love spending my days with these sweet girls!
Once we got the pumpkins home, Mary Carlisle wanted to decorate hers with leaves and Keenan wanted to perch up on hers and eat her snacks! haha!
which finally brought a smile back to this precious face!!!
...the pumpkin patch was a bit overwhelming for her! ha!

October doesn't only bring pumpkins, it also brings in Papa and Nana!
The third saturday in October is known for the biggest football weekend to my family...the annual Bama vs UT game!
This year it was held in Knoxville, so we were very excited to spend a wonderful weekend with the family!
It started out Friday night with a surprise birthday party at our house for my sister, Paige! We celebrated our Paigey Poo and ended the night on our patio with the fire pit blazing and music playing! My favorite way to spend a friday night...laughing with my incredible family!
Obviously it was a house divided! :)
 Uncle Matt brought his nieces UT Cheerleading uniforms to rub it in Papa's face that they were cheering for the Vols...Papa ended up having the last laugh with the vols losing once again! booo!!! 
...ROLL TIDE! :)
We all went to tailgate then Mary Carlisle decided she needed to go the game with her daddy! So keenan and I picked them up at halftime. She had a BLAST!!! The Vols losing streak didn't stop Mary Carlisle from showing all the fans how the cheering is done!
She found some bright pink pom poms at a tailgate and did a cheer/ballet/hip hop/jazz dance for a good hour pre-game! hehe! Chad said during the game she didn't take her eyes off her sprite, popcorn and cheerleaders the whole time! ...that's my girl! hehe!

 Work it girl!!! hehe!

I love this pic of daddy and uncle matt holding keenan's hand! She loves these two men in her life!

We ended our weekend taking Nana and Papa out on the boat to the local BBQ joint on water. It was the most beautiful day here, perfect weather and the best company! Can you tell Mary Carlisle just LOVES her Nana! She was a very sad nugget when they had to go back to brentwood this afternoon
...we all were!
 What a FUN week and weekend with friends and family!
Looking forward to more Nana and Papa time at Thanksgiving!!!