Thursday, April 28, 2011

6 Weeks & Counting...

I haven't posted since JANUARY?!?! Agh! Where does my time go?!
...I spend it with this sweet face!

I "plan" to update my blog life this weekend, but my sister is coming to town, we are continuing our house preparations for Baby Dos, and trying to relax (what does that word mean again!?) hehehe! So we will see if updating "A Little Nugget" really happens...hehe!

I have less than 6 weeks before we become a family of 4...5 counting Major! and there is still so much to do!
First things first...We have made the "Big Girl Room" transition and it went AWESOME!!! Aaaaa- that is me singing!
Mary Carlisle loves Loves LOVES her new bed! She wakes up every morning saying, "I sleep in big girl bed!" with a smile! It is the most adorable and joyful way to start our day!
There is no turning back now...she is done with a "baby" bed! hehe!

Secondly, I must make it to the end of the school year! Agh! We have 4 weeks of school left. School ends May 25th, I am due June 8th...and the Doc is predicting an earlier arrival like I had with Mary Carlisle. She was a week early...Oh! Did I mention this Little Boxer is measuring BIG! Agh!!! Mary Carlisle was born at a perfect petite size of 6 lbs 6 oz.
At my Ultrasound on Monday, they said this baby is in the 78%! haha! And they are estimating it is around 5 lbs 9 oz! Chunky Monkey!
Now, I know this is an estimate and they were off an entire pound with Mary Carlisle...but I'm not gonna lie...I AM NERVOUS for this expectant BIG Babe to exit from me! hehe!

As the story goes...Chad thinks the baby will be a girl and I am thinking boy...only 41 more days or less until we will know the truth!...Wahoo!!!

Anywhoobies...Enough are a few pictures to show that it is actually Spring here in Knoxville and not still snowing :)...

Easter Egg Hunt At Church

Mary Carlisle Took The Hunt Very Seriously...Until She Discovered There Were Treats Inside The Eggs & Ate Her First Jelly Bean! :)
Hayes & Mary Carlisle Checking Out The Petting Zoo
It Is So Hard Getting A Picture With All Eyes Are On The Camera...hehe!
Two Different Days & Easter Day Brought Us A Successful Attempt!

A Little After Church Stroll At The Park

Chad and I Took A Trip To VEGAS! Yes, I was 7 mos pregnant when we went! hehe!
Mary Carlisle Turned 2!!! ...These pictures are for another full day of posting!!! :)
Two of My Favorite People...Looking Cool In Their Shades!