Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Milestones & Memories

Mary Carlisle is over 3 1/2 years old now weighing in at 34 lbs in the 40th % and in the 80th % for height.
Keenan is 18 months old and weighing in at 24 lbs 13 oz in the 86th% for weight and 92nd % for height.
Where oh where do you girls get that height from!?
You interact so adorably together and honestly if you weren't so girly with your tutus and bows you would think we had 2 boys! You LOVE to tackle, chase and slam each other around like it's nobodys business.
It is hilarious....and a little scary! hehe!
I do love that you are rough and tough and super is a perfect balance!

And I LOVE that you genuinely LOVE each other!!!

Mary Carlisle
You have been completely potty trained since August! Wahoo!!! We accidentally forgot to put a pull up on you one night, (which worked in your favor because you did not like them at all!) and you made it through the night and have been ever since!
You go girl!!!

You still love to draw and paint and you are really good at cutting with kiddie scissors. You love to do gymnastics. you are always wanting to flip and jump! We set up a balance beam in our den (yes, i said den! ha!) and you walked on it backwards! it was amazing!!!
You also have a crazy memory! You hear a song twice and you know most the words! It is a little frightening how much you retain! Your favorite special treats are smoothies, bubble gum, sprite and of course Chocolate milk!!!
you could not be my child without some Quik in your life! :)

You absolutely love hugging and kissing everyone! You cannot say good-bye without multiple hugs and telling them "I will miss you when you are gone" it is so incredibly sweet. You are so loving and out of the blue tell us you Love us all the time.
Your sweetness melts our hearts and makes
your aunt paigey cry with happiness.

 These days you have the most entertaining dialect. You hear words that we use and you throw them in a sentence that has nothing to do with the word. For example, the word frustrated...You told me, " Mawm, I am so frusder-ated to be eating cheerios!" What do you mean? " I mean, I am frusder-ated maawwm, they are so yummy!" :)

Another MC Monologue Moment was your made up word "air tear."
What does that mean I say? say "It's like a scrubber for a cleaner or a sprayer or a vaccer. It just scrubs with the books and scrubs all the things it needs to but the things aren't dirty. It just  makes things VERY special for our scarfs."
...Oh my Mary Carlisle, that sounds amazing and so special for our scarfs!!! :)

Goldfish...When you eat one goldfish you put water in your mouth first. I asked you why you are doing that and this was your response, "When I put goldfish in my mouth with water, they like to swim. Do you hear them?" ...smarty pants! hehe! How did you know goldfish like swimming in water...Inside your mouth?!!! I love it! So creative!

My favorite time is your prayers... We never know what to expect whether you list all 30 members of our family and pray for them each specifically or whether you are thanking God for "princesses, mermaids, rainbows, unicorns and the world so sweet." That is my favorite part, you always end your prayers by saying "thank you for the world so sweet!" I love it!!!

You are such a lover!
Hugging on your buds Anne Carter and Carson

You decided Baby Jesus needed to see Santa
inside the snow globe!

You do such a good job cutting with scissors!
I am your mother, but I am impressed!!!

 Keeny Weeny Mouskawitz! You are a busy busy bee! You are dying to talk and have a whole lot to say. I love that you understand so much and are learning to communicate even though your are not quite able to verbalize it. You use your baby sign language to communicate and try to say the word you want to say or you will take our hand and lead us to what you are wanting. It is so cute!!!
You are THE happiest little girl...all smiles and all hugs!
We tell you its time to go to bed or good-bye and you go around to us puckering up your lips giving out kisses. You just started giving full out neck hugs too, which I love receiving! You give the best squeezes! 
You are so care free and just go with the flow...thankfully! Because we don't stop around here! hehe!
You continue to keep me on my toes all. the. time! If you aren't climbing up on the dining room table, you are trying to hang off the back of the couch or do a somersault off the ottoman. Oh yes, I am not being a jokester... wish i was! but you are fearless! This puts your big sis in a bit of a tizzy. Mary Carlisle is very much a rule follower, so watching you be wreckless and breaking the "rules" tends to get her worked up! haha! She thinks about doing it and you actually do it :) are a brave little firecracker!

These days you LOVE fruit, milk and raisins!
That is all you want to eat and drink. I need to get more creative incorporating other foods but you are picky picky and I can't sneak much past you!
You get SO excited when I pour you a cup of milk it is pure happiness!
You are getting your two bottom k-9's...oh your poor gummies!
When music plays you start rocking back and forth and clapping! you love music! I think you are going to be my dancer! And you are really really good at stacking things...I mean crazy good!
It's your papa's engineering brain in you for sure! I love it!!!

Your favorite things are: goggles, baby strollers, waterbottles, your patagonia jacket - you love wearing it all the time, trying to put on your shoes...and your dad's favorite...Boys! You LOVE boys! It is so funny! Your daddy doesn't like it so much but you are smitten with all your uncles and our male friends.
It is pretty sweet and they sure LOVE you!!!

You love this jacket, your goggles and climbing in and out of this chair about 500 times a day!
Fwew! It is EXHAUSTING!!!! :)

 Oh my goodness! You are SO funny!!!!
I love how you make us laugh!
Again, your goggles, baby stroller and your waterbottle...You love being able to walk around the house and have water when you want it like a big kid :) 

Here you are stacking up these triangle crayons... You stacked them up really high! I didn't get a picture of this because as much as you love stacking them, you also love knocking them down! :)

You got your first haircut this month!
Well...Natalie, our hair dresser, trimmed it, not sure it did much of anything to the amazing mop of hair you have! :) I am at a loss of what to do with it besides pigtails. But I am ok with that because it goes with your wild personality! You have a double calic so your hair goes in multiple directions! It is super straight in the front and super curly in the back...
what a pretty pretty princess you are! :)

You love hanging with your Boyz!
Uncle Adrian made a cozy seat during the Bama game at papa's
 You love snuggling with your Uncle TJ...Oh does he LOVE his sweet niece! You make him so happy!

 You girls are such an incredible blessing!
We Love You To Pieces!!!
Thanks for making us smile and laugh each and every day!!!

Ariel & Sebastian

A little behind as usual to post Halloween Happenings but here it goes... :)
Mary Carlisle is obsessed with princesses of every size, color and shape but no one can measure up to "Princess Ariel"
She is has hung the moon! Is the best of the best...and then some!
Picking out who she wanted to be was an easy task picking out Just The Right Mermaid costume was another adventure...
Who knew they made 20 different mermaid options!? I sure didn't!!! and I definitely didn't think I would have to be negotiating the cleavage showing mermaid costume off my 3 year old! who are these people that make kid costumes anyway?!?!
After running around town and hitting up every possible store in town that had options we finally agreed on the perfect mermaid costume... BUT we couldn't leave without the red wig!!! Oh boy! Yes, the wig!!!
I am forseeing my future picking out the "perfect" wedding dress with this child! hehe!
I feel like I have a 13 year old these days. Mary Carlisle knows (or should I say thinks she knows) what she wants and she stands firm that it is the best decision for her..haha! I wish I was joking!
So with MC as Princess Ariel it was an easy decision to make Keenan her partner in crime, Sebastian!
When MC was a baby I got this crab outfit for her as a 6 mos old it was like a sleepsack. Thankfully I held onto it, had mother Munchie cut and sew holes in it and Wall-Aaa! Keeny had holes in her crab costume so she could walk around and trick or treat!
Because we all know she is NOT going to be left behind! :)
The hilarious part of Keenan wearing a 6 mos costume is the hole around her face was slightly snug...Oh my! I am crying laughing...the pictures do not lie!


The neighbors gathered together for an attempt at a memorable pic...memorable is right! and actually remotely successful with this crew! Although they are a few scragglers who couldnt sit still long enough to be in it! haha!

Princess Ariel & Sebastian

 We recruited Deedee along to join in the candy fun!!!
Little Davis the Bear enjoying his First Halloween
with Maggie the Pumpkin!!!

Haha!!! Agh! This makes me laugh so hard!
Keenan had a bit of a hard time walking around in her costume because there was no elastic around the holes for her legs to keep it up, so the costume came down by her shins. She was running down a hill to catch up with the big kids who were already at a door and she fell and rolled down the hill... but didn't stop eating her chocolate bar! haha!!! Probably afraid she'll never get to try one ever again if she takes a breath :)
 When we got home we couldnt find Mary Carlisle anywhere!
We finally found her hiding under the dining room table (with major) eating her candy and hiding to keep Keeny from eating her candy!
Such a Mine-o-saur! haha!

 Happy Halloween!!!
Sweet Memories With Our
Princess Ariel & One Eyed Sebastian! ;)