Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sonrisa De La Rosa

My Sweet Sweet Sister, Paige, Got Hitched on May 19th on an "island" in Knoxville 
called Sonrisa De La Rosa. 
That's right, I said Knoxville! 
Well it's no lie...a gracious family friend offered their property for the blessed event and it is literally a 1/2 mile long from entrance to their property to the tip

It was a beautiful day with perfect weather for the most deserving couple i know! 
My sister is more than a sibling she is my best friend and seeing her so happy makes my world feel complete! 
I knew Matt was a keeper for Paige when he skipped a UT game to come see her! Sounds funny, but UT Football is kind of his life! :) I also knew he was serious when he drove 3 hours out of his way to come see her for a few hours and to meet our dad. 

It has been pure bliss ever since and watching Paigey fall in love has been the biggest blessing! Matt is so genuine, always puts her first and a true family guy! which i personally love! :) 
Their wedding day was perfection!
Our Happy Bride to Be at the Rehearsal Dinner

 Our Tiny Little Mama, Munchie!

 The Last Good-Bye Before they Become Mr and Mrs...Matt took this VERY seriously! Midnight struck and he was out of there like he was going to turn into a pumpkin! haha!

The beautiful venue as you approach it via water....
The Aisle...

The view of the lawn from the house...
And I must show this...they have their own putting green! A PUTTING GREEN!!! two actually!!! 
A man's heaven!

What A Beauty!!!

Last Picture as a Keenan before she gets hitched!

Everyone Headed to the Wedding Via Boat!!! How Many Weddings do that?! 

Our stepbrother TJ performed the ceremony which made it EXTRA special! 


Mother of the Bride and Sweet Tom

 The Pretty Little Flower Girls & Ring Bearers...

This is my FAVORITE picture!!! 

Mary Carlisle was all over Keenan eating the flower petals haha!

The Aisle was soooo long Chad had to help Keenan down until the chairs started...:)
 And once he did let her go on her own...she started eating all the petals! haha!
You can see pretty paigey in the background :)

My Stepbrother, TJ, and his wife Jessica with Keenan
 Mary Carlisle is ALL about make-up and especially Lip Gloss! which is hilarious having me for a mom...I didn't get my first pack of make up until 3 christmas' ago!!! hahaa!!! She is teaching ME! Hilarious! :)
 This flower girl on the other hand...takes this job VERY seriously! hehe!
Paige and Matt Arriving To The Reception...In Style!

WAHOO!!!! They're Here!!! Let The Party Begin! 

Congrats to the fabulous couple! Our family is so much greater now that Matt is a part of it!