Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Daddy, A Nugget and a Mouskawitz

I am sure you are wondering what in the world is a Mouskawitz?! haha! (Mouse-ka-witz) I sometimes feel nicknames for your child is just as tough a decision as picking their birth name hehe! My dad still refers to me as Scooter or Scooter bug...hehe!
With us not finding out the gender of our children until their birth day, nicknames were super important, so here it goes...

Mary Carlisle is our Nugget and Keenan started out as a Lovey Dovey then somehow has transformed to Mouskawitz. It came to me one day and it just stuck. I don't know if it is because she is so hilarious and that name is, well, hilarious! The only other Mouskawtiz I know is Fievel from American Tail, which is a bit ironic seeing as Keenan is in the 90th % and not scaling in as the size of a mouse! hehe!

But it just fits.

And now Mary Carlisle refers to herself as a "Nugget Lovey Dovey" and Keenan as a "Mouskawitz Lovey Dovey" like it is their own heritage or something. I know what you are thinking..."What?!" hehe!!! She is like talking to a middle schooler sometimes, so matter of fact! haha! I love their ages right now! SO FUN!!! Mary Carlisle will be 3 in March and Keenan is 8 months and ready to bust a move in her crawling skills! She is SO close!!! It is just simple perfection!

I can't say I LOVE THESE GIRLS enough!!! :)


Now for the Daddy...

Anyone who knows Chad, knows he is full of energy and personality! He comes up with some of the greatest, most hilarious (and most random) :) ideas and says some of the funniest things.

He is a kid at heart and knows how to think like a 2 year old and thankfully a 30 year old at the same time, which I believe makes him an incredible father. It is not out of the norm to find him inside Mary Carlisle's princess tent (castle) brushing her hair and helping her get all dolled up in her princess jewels or to find him sprawled out on the floor setting up an obstacle course for her to run rapidly through the house. Changing Keenan's diapers...he does it and does it well. Claims to be a "Master Swaddler" and offers lessons to friends :) hehe!

I have left him with both girls for a weekend one time since Keenan was born and he did a better job as mommy than me! Dressed them in their best on his own, may I add, and attended a birthday party with other mommies! Did I mention he was early?! I can't remember the last time I was, ON TIME for anything!!! hehe!

When you leave the daddy in charge you want them to at least appreciate all you do when you return, right?! Well, he had the house picked up and even appeared rested!
Great!!! Not at all what I had anticipated! hehe!!! Then I reminded myself it was two nights...give him a full week and we'll see who's rested! :) haha! just kidding!!!

I am seriously so proud to call Chad the father of our girls. While I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous when Mary Carlisle was a few weeks old what was to come of our new sleep deprived daddy :) hehe!
He has proven to be the best of the BEST!!! He thrives on entertaining them and makes up the greatest bedtime stories for them.
The genuine smile he gets when the girls are around is priceless and the smile THEY get when he walks in the room is one for a Hallmark commercial.

I find now that I have children I spend so much time sharing how wonderful my girls are I have not given the proper recognition to the man in our life who, as Mary Carlisle says "keeps us safe" (oh, yes she does)...and makes us feel so loved!

Thank you Chad for loving us and keeping us laughing!

We Love You!

I Thank My God Every Time I Think Of You... Phil 1:3