Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fire & Rain...

 Family beach trips are the highlight to my year!!!
Waking up to the sounds of my family, coffee brewing and bacon is like a folgers commercial :)
I love nothing more than waking up with a lot of people in my home! Thankfully, I feel that way, with a sister of my own, three step siblings, their spouses and the kids, there are 16 of us all together! haha!
We are about to have to get two beach houses if we keep having weddings and babies! hehe! 
 The more the merrier, it is so fun!!!

Being on my family beach trip and seeing my girls in a different setting other than our normal routine at home showed me once again how different Mary Carlisle and Keenan are, but this time in a very different light...

Mary Carlisle is my (calming) rainfall and Keenan is my spicy lil fire (cracker)!
It is so fun to watch them and hear the comments about them. Especially from family friends who have  known Chad or me since we were their age and remind us we acted just like them as a kid.

I retrieved some pictures of Mary Carlisle on her one year beach trip to remind myself exactly how different their personalities really are...

Here is our cautious little Mary Carlisle enjoying a day on the beach as a one year old:

And as a three year old:

Here is our busy body Keenan enjoying a day on the beach as a one year old:
- I love this look on her face like excuse me, you are in my way daddy! haha!
She probably walked 2 miles in that sand just going around in a circle!

Is this a fire cracker or what?!
She sticks our her tongue when she is really excited!!! Being contained is not her thang and she was climbing out of this chair like a monkey 2 seconds later :) we were holding up her paci to get her to look for this (yes, bribery! i am not opposed to it!) :)

Here is Mary Carlisle again as a one year old, completely content looking at the ocean from BEHIND the beach chair! haha!
She was scared to death of the water!

Here is our fearless Keenan again:
No, no...don't be fooled she didn't fall!
She is going head first into the water to blow bubbles! :) ...This went on all day haha!

MC doing good here easing in with her cousin, Liam, following his older lead into the ocean...

And then...
She's OUT! Too Far!!! ABORT! ABORT!!!

But I am loving her cautious ways, because then I get a little more MC snuggle time and only have to worry about one child running wild into the great big ocean (haha!) since my little "rain" will not go in unless we are holding her
 And in about one more year our little firecracker, Keenan, isn't going to let us hold her in the water! She is always on the move!
She'll be flip flopping and training for the 2028 Olympics! You should see this girl in the bathtub! She loves the water SO MUCH and is surprisingly really good in it!
Her swim teacher told us she is the happiest and most fearless baby in water she has seen in her 7 years of teaching! haha!
isn't that hilarious?!
Do you see her tongue action to show her excitement! I love that at her itty bitty age of one she isn't afraid...of really anything!
She definitely gets that from her daddy! 

What I love the most, is the saying holds to be true...
Opposites Attract!
They are so playful and sweet to each other! It makes my heart burst with joy!!!

I  love that MC is carrying Keenan away from the stick she was after and Keenan still managed
to sneak it away with her!

Our beach trip gets more and more fun each year!
This year they were old enough to ride in style to the beach every day, behind daddy's bicycle!

And in Papa's Golf Cart!

us big kids would steal it at night! haha!

I Love that Chad will paint her nails...and he's good!!! Especially since this is a daily activity for her :)
Is she not so sassy in this pic?! Geesh! haha! Can you not hear her saying ..."like duh! I had to get my nails done before i went to the beach maw!" - Oh! And she is smacking gum! She tried her very first piece of gum on this trip and now every day after! I know, i deprived my child of the american treat! :)
 For a FAMILY I didn't get to pick myself, I sure feel so blessed to have all these smiles in my life!

Love these sisters!

Cousin Sweetness!!!

YOU Scream! I Scream! We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM!!!

 There is NO talking while eating ice cream... 
 And Obviously NO Picture taking either! haha!

Tah- Dah!!!

Our Majestic And Heavenly View On Our Way Home Over The Bridge...

And Keeny finally stopped moving for a minute and found a cozy spot in a chair... :)