Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Announcing Keenan Grace Martin... at 6 Months!

It may be 6 months later but I am proud to introduce our littlest Martin...It's A Girl!!!
Keenan Grace Martin
Born May 29th, 2011 at 5:42 a.m.
7 lbs. 2 oz.

The birth of a baby is simply the most beautiful miracle in the world.
It is hard to believe 6 months have gone by before finding time to share her beauty on our family blog! Agh! Needless to say raising two has been a whirlwind of excitement!
Keenan entered our world on her own time. She has already shown me her personality is going to be calm, laid-back, compassionate followed by a burst of energy and be full of life! As I was reading over my last post I wrote that I had 6 weeks to go and I needed to make it to May 25, the students last day of school.
My last day of school was May 27, I had intended on spending the next two weeks tying up lose ends with Mary Carlisle's big girl room and doing as much as I could for Keenan's nursery. May 28th we got Mary Carlisle's first hair cut, ran some errands, went to a cook-out and got home at 8:15 and not 30 minutes after we got home my water broke! She was so considerate to let me celebrate summer for 24 hours! haha!
My water broke with Mary Carlisle so I was not expecting this to happen again! The books say water breaking only happens to less than 15% of pregnant woman...I thought surely not again! But it happened alright and we were NOT prepared! I mean no bag was even fully packed this time! haha! We got our sweet neighbors Peter and Allison to stay at the house with Mary Carlisle who was already snoozing and off we went to meet our newest Martin! Keenan ended up being a much quicker and smoother delivery...Amen! hehe! Hilariously she looked exactly like her big sister when she was a newborn but since has come into her own. And her measurements in my tummy weighing a bit on the chunk side have reflected on her as a baby being in the 90% since her 2 months check-ups! haha! I LOVE IT!!!
You can't deny that babies with Michelin rolls are absolutely irresistable! :)
Not to mention she is the world's HAPPIEST baby! She is happy all of the time! She is awesome!

There are no words to describe the first look or touch of your precious baby. I don't care if you are Duggar and having your still has to be the most miraculous and amazing thing to ever experience! It is perfection!

Hearing second born children say they never had as many pictures or stories, etc... I have promised myself to not ever let Keenan feel like she isn't as special because she wasn't the first born through stories or pictures. I already feel terrible I didn't send out an announcement for the beautiful girl - hehe! (I was told she will never know the difference) Agh!
Am I doing it already?!

I may have momnesia when it comes to stories and I may not have as many pictures (but let's be honest I went Overboard with Mary Carlisle! hehe!)
There is no doubt she is the most precious baby sister this Martin family could ever have!

Keenan our lives are so much richer with you in it! I love your happy spirit and easy going personality. You bring peace in my heart when I look at you and cuddle with your pure softness. You light up my life in so many ways and I am beyond proud to be your mommy!
How Does This Little Bitty Baby Who Needs Bumpers In Her Car Seat Grow Into This Little Ladybug So Quickly?!?! Make It Stop!!! I Want Her To Be A Baby Forever!
I Love Snuggling With This Sweet Girl!

Our Precious Baby Girl and Her Bow :)
My Little Snoozer!
She Loves Her Cereal...Yummy Yummy!

She has the best cheekies and rolls I have ever seen!
At 5 Months she began smiling all the time!
At 6 Months - Happiest Baby Ever!