Friday, January 11, 2013


Thanksgiving is the time of year that encourages us to reflect on all the many things we are thankful for and blessed to have in our life!
I absolutely love thanksgiving!
We always go to my dad's house and it is a full house and continues to grow each year. During Thanksgiving, I have always felt you get the joys of togetherness without the stress of spending too much money or did I buy the right gift mentality that often comes with Christmas. Don't get me wrong I also love Christmas and have no problem spending too much money...haha! there is just something about Thanksgiving for our family that has always been so enjoyable.
This year was no different as far as being great but there was one super sweet surprise that the turkey brought with him this year! And that is this...

A Pregnant Paigey!!!
Which means... I'm going to be an aunt!!!!! AGH!!!!!!!
She is due July 12th!

A little fuzzy, but I love this picture, my dad got teary when he caught on to the dad never cries... Very touching moment!

This cracks me up! Jessica's sly look on her face after she saw the shirt and is looking around to see if anyone else has yet ...tee-hee!!!

Hugs And Tears...Chad couldn't get the focus right on the camera...ha!

My dad doing what our dad does...trying to be funny so he doesn't get emotional! Ha!

Keenan is so thankful for her Papa! I just love this picture!!!

My dads best friend, Geoff's family has joined us for Thanksgiving the past 2 years and its the most wonderful highlight to the day...they are family, so it always makes our thanksgiving feel complete having them. This year baby Avery was the new happy addition...she is the happiest baby! So sweet!

Chad whipped up a bow and arrow for MC and taught her how to shoot it. He thinks he's Bear hehe! Literally walked out back found a stick, got some rope jimmied it together and wah-la! bow and arrow! haha!
It was so precious watching them... And comical :)

I love the serious focus on her face...

MC is thankful for a Liam and Jude Sandwich!

Bounce house, wine, corn hole, wine, chillin by the firepit, wine, climbing
Thankful for all these people and all that thanksgiving fun!

How many pictures do the Martins have to take to get a successful family photo?!?!???
Lets see...#1...NOPE!

#2...trying to tickle tummies doesn't help matters! ...Failed!

#3...Now is not the time for tricks!

#4...I'll take the blame for this one! ha!

#5...Good Grief! Almost, until MC tried to do a backbend out of daddy's arms...there were actually 20 more pics where these came from...hehe!! Keeny gets a high five for posing so pretty and still! ha!
oh well, maybe next year! ;)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, Santa always visits my dad's neighborhood. Which also begins Mary Carlisle's "i want a training wheel bike" Santa Marathon!!!
I love how she is "acting" nervous :) ...this girl would sit in santa's lap all day long!

"I want a training wheel bike with a basket for my baby..."

Papa and Nana spoil our girls rotten so Mary Carlisle is always all smiles and usually has some sort of candy or junk food with her when we are there...Hehe!!!
The pictures never lie :) But lets be honest a free ride in a wagon, with a fur blanket, a candy cane in one hand and chocolate pretzel in the other...And papa is carrying her hot chocolate! I'd like to be her for a day!!! :) hehe!

Blessed is right! I love my family!!!

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